Ignacio Alonso Delgado

Hi, I'm Ignacio.

Nice to meet you! 👋

I love any kind of technology, really! I work at Kyndryl as Chief Enterprise Architect for an international telco company. I'm responsible for the compute, network, storage, cyber resiliency, security, etc. There is a great SMEs team with me that helps me to have a deep knowledge of each part. I work with DCs on-prem as well as public clouds as AWS or IBM Cloud. I even designed and built a private cloud based on Red Hat sw some years ago.

I work every day finding the best technical solution to business problems. I love to think ahead. Every day I try to solve questions I ask myself: what will happen in the future if we implement this solution? How will it fit in with the rest of the systems? How could it scale? What would happen if system-nnn went down? How could I automate it?

In my free time I'm an Associate Professor in Masters with lectures as: cloud, big data, analytics, visualizations, natural language processing and IBM Watson.

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