Ignacio Alonso Delgado

My career

I worked 👨‍💻 at IBM for +10 years, now working at the spin-off called Kyndryl +2 years. I am passionate about the technical world but, trying not to lose the business view.

Currently I'm an Chief Enterprise Architect* in an outsourcing contract, serving to an international Telco company (+5 years on this position). I manage infrastructure architectures which includes: Data Centers architectures, Networking, Compute and Storage. I work with DCs on-prem, where together with the account team, I have designed and built a private cloud based on Red Hat OpenStack, Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Virtualization and Ceph, among other projects. I also work with public clouds as AWS and IBM Cloud. Currently I'm working on process/task automation with solutions like Ansible, and designing a Kubernetes Vanilla platform.

I have had different roles in my life: business intelligence tech specialist, big data tech specialist, and natural language processing tech specialist. I also worked with IBM Watson solutions (creating chatbots, understanding documents with IA, training watson machine learning models, etc).

I belong to the Association of Enterpise Architects (chapter of Spain), where I help as a member.

I'm one of the organizers of the Meetup called Big Data Developers in Madrid, with more than 4250 members.

Key Skills

always learning adaptability to change think ahead proactive curious positive attitude restless meticulous public speaking team work sketching concepts architecture diagramming emotional intelligence time management professor it architecture cloud computing infrastructure as code python automation scripting data processing networking analytics visualizations DevOps ITIL big data NLP

Responsibilities as IT Architect

Lectures, Seminars and Coaching

Associate professor in Masters

I enjoy to explaining the things that I know, yes... I enjoy teaching 👨‍🎓. I participate in Seminars and I give talks as Associate Professor at several universities and business schools.

Here you have a list of topics I usually talk about:

Some of the Schools/Universities where I teach: IE Business School University (IE), Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO), ESIC Business and Marketing School (ESIC), Universidad Europea (UE), Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros (CUNEF), Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and Madrid School of Marketing (MSMK), among others.


I like to helping people understand complex technological systems. I have been helping +20 students to develop their Final Master's Project.

I have personally coached people who wanted to have more knowledge in areas such as: cloud computing, IT architecture, visualizations or career changes towards a technological profile, with one-to-one sessions.



Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Professional Certification: Level 1 - Certified Solution Architect

Architect Profession Certification - Level 1 Experienced

Architectural Thinking

IBM Cloud Essentials

Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner

Telecom. Industry Jumpstart

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My life

I was born in Madrid, Spain. Although I have been in a lot of countries, I live in Madrid. My life revolves around my wife (which I admire every day) and our children (including our fluffy dog 🐶).

I enjoy taking landscape pictures with my Sony 𝜶6600 camera. Lately I really enjoy making short videos of my travels, and editing them.

Public articles, presentations, and other stuff

Public articles and other stuff

I used to write articles on Sundays, you can read it on my Medium account.

More talks and presentations on the table below.

Date Title Type
November 2023 Seminario | Cómo ayuda la nube en la digitalización de tu empresa Talk at a Seminar
February 2022 Seminario | La nube como acelerador digital de la empresa Talk at a Seminar
June 2018 Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Dummies Talk at a Meetup
March 2018 Watson Explorer Community Edition Tutorial Youtube video playlist
December 2017 Data Science Experience + Watson Machine Learning Video
June 2017 El País: El ‘big data’ ayuda a tomar decisiones, pero lo importante es la intuición Collaboration on the article
May 2017 Silicon: A fondo: ¿Acabará la inteligencia artificial con el data scientist? Collaboration on the article
March 2017 ¿Qué es un científico de datos? Video
December 2016 Data Science Experience (DSX) + Spark SQL Intro Video
November 2016 IBM Business Connect 2016 - Data Science Experience Talk
November 2014 Las Redes Sociales: ¿estás dentro o no? IBM Blog article

*“Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the practice of analyzing, designing, planning and implementing solutions to satisfy business strategies.” — OpenGroup